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The Brief

Arte and Zayne was looking for a certain look and feel to the website. Clean product-focused layout with vital information instantly visible to the customer. With every tea telling its own story, the further you scroll down the page, the more you discover about the blend. Beautiful images of all their products were created specifically for the website. Focused on the tea itself and the metal tea canister.

Arte & Zayne

Arte and Zayne Tea is a wonderful online boutique tea store offering a very unique selection of organic, handcrafted tea blends, and delicious handmade chocolates.

Es Vedra Sunset Is The Best Organic Tea from Arte and Zayne. Loose Leaf Tea With Herbs And Fruit Shown Here In Its Metal Canister Tea Container
Arte and Zayne Outside Their Amsterdam Blend Store. Beautiful Handcrafted Organic Tea and Luxury Chocolates
TLC Luxury Handmade Chocolates From Arte and Zayne Shown here In Their Gift Box Presentation. Crafted From Loose Leaf Organic Tea And High Quality Chocolate

Photography by Moon Jansen.

About the Project

The Arte and Zayne E-Commerce store was to be as automated as possible. Products uploaded to the website were then to be synchronised with the in store I-Zettle system. The products were then further shared and updated to Facebook and Google Merchant.

Built With

  • Custom Woocommerce Shop Pages
  • PostNL Integration
  • Local SEO Package
  • I-Zettle Synchronisation
  • Facebook Shop Synchronisation
  • Multilingual E-commerce
  • Gift Cards
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking
  • Google Data Studio Reports

Arte and Zayne

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Technical Information

The website for the café is built upon the Wordpress content management system. Installing the fantastic theme Enfold allows the site to be mobile friendly, as well as some instant karma points with Google because of its clean coding. To comply with the European Data Laws the website has an up to date Privacy Policy. As well as a strict Cookie Management system in place.

Custom Woocommerce Pages

The website uses Google Tag Manager (GTM) to insert analytical information codes. GTM is also used to include opening hours, ratings, price information as well as address

Post NL Integration

Local SEO plays a big part in this website. With so many Bars & Cafés in and around Amsterdam, we wanted to make sure that the business would be appearing in all Google listings. As Google offers a selection of opportunities to add information about the business listing, we invested the time to make sure we ticked every box.

Local SEO

Schema Markup is something which only now SEO plugins are starting to incorporate. That of coarse relies heavily on the website developer entering the correct and complete information. For this site we chose to add the scheme via GTM. This allows for ourselves or other advertising agencies to easily change the schema should it be needed. Included in the schema information are opening hours, location, reviews, menu options and costs.

Multilingual E-Commerce Store

Every website should be keeping track of its visitors. Understanding how your visitors found you and what they did when they arrived is just the help. For this project we set Google Analytics up with several conversion funnels. The website also makes use of the Facebook Pixel.

Data Tracking & Reporting

The Coffeeshopamsterdam Café website was delivered fully optimised for both speed and search. As always with our builds the site is running the latest, most secure versions of Wordpress, Enfold and various Plugins.

Mobile Friendly

The webshop connects automatically to a selection of online services. Using the PostNL API system gives the site a full range of delivery options. Making life easier for both the client and the customer. Instagram and Facebook Shop platforms are connected directly to the website with products automatically synchronised.
The website is available in Dutch, English, and German. Automatically translated and served from separate .nl, .com, and .de addresses. Another addition to the e-commerce store is the option to buy Gift Cards with options such as balance checking.

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